SQUATSTRONG is more than just a squat program.


We like to think of it as a manual on high bar squatting combined with an extremely effective squat program to cap it off.  With just under 11,000 words (50-70 pages on most e-readers), SQUATSTRONG is packed with info to get you squatting with the best poundages and the best possible technique.


Chapter 1 - Why Squat? - breaks down the benefits of squatting, from transfer to sports performance to optimal hormonal response.  We discuss front versus back squats and low vs high bar positioning also.


Chapter 2 - Structure of the Program - gives you an overall view of what the structure of the weeks and sessions are in SQUATSTRONG and introduces the different types of sessions you'll encounter over the 6 weeks.


Chapter 3 - The SQUATSTRONG Prescription - details the nitty-gritty of each session, including tables with sets, reps, and percentages of 1RM for each workout.  We also include recommended warm up sets.


Chapter 4 - Filling in the Training Week - explains how to schedule your other training around the SQUATSTRONG program.  We give example weeks that incorporate energy system work and other workouts around your squatting sessions.


In the Appendices, we cover several important considerations around squatting, as well as get to hear Lucas Parker's experience with other squat programs.


Appendix A - Equipment for Squatting - details Lucas Parker's views on different types of footwear plus discusses other supportive items such as belts and knee wraps.


Appendix B - Lucas' Experience with other Squat Programs - gives us a window into a high performance athlete's perspective on other programs that are out there.  Lucas has tried a variety of methods to bump his squat up and he discusses the pro's and con's of each one he has tried.


Appendix C - Quick and Dirty Squat Mobility - takes a very efficient approach to preparing yourself for optimal squatting position.  We demonstrate a series of stretches and drills to target problem areas for most athletes.


Breaking down the sessions.

Filling in the training week.